This complete solution provides a commercial grade 3D printer with the technical and educational support to integrate 3D technology into your school quickly and easily.

  • Our large format commercial-grade 3D printer has been specifically designed for use in schools and universities. With a print bed of 80cm x 40cm x 30cm it’s possible to print extra-large objects or 30 individual student designs at once.
  • Educational support by our specialized teachers removes the need for high levels of expert knowledge from your classroom teachers.
  • Access to ready-to-teach activities developed with genuine links to the Educational Curriculum and designed to deliver predictable results with the 3D printer.
  • We provide an integrated and centralized approach to the modelling and printing flow so classroom teachers can focus on student learning while a designated school operator manages the printer.
  • Complete training and technical support for your school’s designated printer operator.
  • All lesson plans have been tailored for genuine learning outcomes including the new STEAM learning areas.

10 Reasons Why 3D printing is helping you change the way you teach:

  • Meaningful learning – students can imagine an object then design and create it
  • Every subject / every year level – K – 12 lesson plans
  • Real world learning – solve local problems and challenge the norm
  • Develop critical thinking skills – improved problem solving skills
  • Involved on a personal level – read about it or construct it yourself
  • Increase engagement – students are motivated to attend school
  • Think big – what will be your legacy
  • Teaches it’s ok to fail – how to do things better and don’t be afraid to fail
  • Help your community – community aides
  • Student driven learning – students can take control of their learning

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